Magic from the Stage

Awaken your sense of wonder! A fun and uplifting way to kick things off or to wrap things up. Sleight-of-hand magic with stories to inspire your guests to follow their dreams and to remind them that "anything is possible." It's a keynote address they'll remember for years to come. Plus, Gregg can weave your corporate message into his performance to inspire your employees, your sales force, or your customers, to believe and achieve.

Boulder Fringe

Three-time winner of the Boulder Fringe Festival Encore Award!

2007, 2009, & 2010

Magic with Rings Magic with coins magic with cards Magic of the Cups & Balls

Magic Up Close:

Bring the laughter and amazement to your next reception, banquet, or hospitality suite. Jaw-dropping magic, performed in the most demanding of conditions: up close, right under their noses. Powerful magic that happens right in their own hands. As a co-host to your event, Gregg will welcome your guests, astonish them with eye-popping magic, and make everyone feel like VIPs. It's the perfect entertainment for less structured events.

Magic at a banquet Magic for a hospitality suite Magic at a reception


"Gregg is the real deal. If you are looking for a professional magician who can deliver what he promises and more � and if you think that working with likable, honest, fun people is always better than the opposite, then Gregg is your man. I recommend him strongly!"
  • Brad Montgomery, President of Humor in the Workplace Studies (Centennial, CO)

"You were a tremendous hit at the party! Again many thanks for bringing your significant talents and festive spirit to our party."
  • Noah Finkelstein, CU Department of Physics (Boulder, CO)

"We had a great time, thank you. People were still talking about it days later!"
  • Laura Watkins, Blue Mountain Arts, (Boulder, CO)

"Gregg Tobo has a bright and vibrant spirit that shines through in all his performances. His style as a magician is both engaging and congenial and carries a subtle mystique that quickly draws in his audience. I would highly recommend Greg as a wonderful and enjoyable performer for your entertainment needs."
  • Mary Elston, Group Manager, (Broomfield, CO)

"Gregg is a natural performer and is an excellent magician. He is casual and funny and very dependable. I highly recommend him for any type of event where entertainment is needed. Enjoy!"
  • Jennifer Gance, HR Operations Manager (Denver, CO)

"Gregg performed for an event I planned. He went from table to table doing tricks one-on-one. He amazed everyone with his sleight of hand, which he performed for about an hour. I've also seen him perform on stage in front of an audience. He's a truly talented magician in both environments, and will enhance any event."
  • Carolyn McHale, Boldface Design (Boulder, CO)

"Greg suavely & magically delivers astonishment, surprises & smiles. I always look forward to his performances!"
  • Trent Turner, Sr. Technical Support Engineer (Broomfield, CO)

"I have seen Gregg perform on numerous occasions, and his magic has never failed to amaze, astonish, and entertain me. He is a consummate performer, mixing legerdemain with a monologue that adds to the aura of excitement he generates."
  • Glen Hanket, Senior Staff Software Developer (Pullman, WA)

Clients Include: