Magic with cards

"I have referred Gregg to several clients and the feedback is always the same, "Gregg was excellent!" Your choice is easy - book him today so you can move on to more challenging decisions."
- Chris Ratay, Ratay Realty (Boulder, CO)

Magic has a wonderful way of burrowing into our psyches and touching our hearts, leaving an indelible mark. No one who sees a magician will easily forget the experience. Time and time again, my friends and clients share with me, stories of magical encounters that took place long ago.

Maybe it's when they were a child, witnessing magic for the first time. Or perhaps they'll tell me of an uncle who knew some magic that could hold them spellbound. Or maybe, many years ago, they encountered a stranger who knew only one trick - but could do it exceptionally well.

Events from ages past, and yet, despite the intervening years, the memory remains as a moment frozen in time. Magic has a lasting and permeating power because it opens our eyes to the infinite possibilities that the world can offer.

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